New Treatment for Psoriasis Mooted

Individuals who have psoriasis are often treated with ointments, systemic therapy and phototherapy. Despite the range of treatments available, studies suggest that individuals with psoriasis are not satisfied with the current treatments. That is why we were excited to read about a trial looking into the safety and efficacy of a new type of ointment for psoriasis.

The trial, which was published in British Journal of Dermatology, was a double-blind phase two trial that was conducted at several centres. In total 71 participants with moderate to severe psoriasis took part. The participants were split into two groups and received one of two versions of 2 percent. tofacitinib ointment two times a day for a total of four weeks. The ointments were named 2 percent tofacitinib ointment 1 and 2 per cent tofacitinib ointment two, but the difference between the ingredients was not made clear to the participants or in the publication. The key findings indicated that 2 percent. tofacitinib ointment was efficaous and that more research was needed to establish whether it could be marketed as a treatment for psoriasis.

These findings are rather exciting, as previous research has suggested that tofacitinib ointment works by inhibiting the so-called Janus Kinase signalling, which is believed to play a part in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Although ointment treatment of psoriasis is very common, it is possible that the current treatment could be useful for patients whose psoriasis is not severe enough to require systemic therapy and phototherapy but still severe enough to cause distress and affect the patients quality of life.

It is likely that more research will follow shortly, however it may still be a while until the treatment reaches the market. We look forward to following this line of research and will keep you posted.

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